Keeps vs Rogain vs hims

Compare Keeps vs Rogaine vs hims for hair growth

Keeps vs Rogaine vs hims

Keeps vs Rogaine vs hims Challenge

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Comparing Keeps vs Rogaine vs Hims is a bit challenging as they promote the same thing but use very different sales models. Rogaine is one of the original hair growth brands, while Keeps and Hims are fairly new brands to the hair growth game. Lets dig into the Keeps vs Rogaine vs Hims debate for the gritty details.

                       Rogaine Keeps hims
What is it Brand Name for Minoxidil Hair loss Treatment for Men Subscription Service Mens Telehealth Subscription Service
What it Does Its believed the active ingredient minoxidil increases blood flow in the scalp which aids your hair’s natural growth cycle. Provides online counseling and products for male including hair loss Provides online counseling and products for various male issues including hair loss
Clinical Studies 5+ Uses related studies Uses related studies
Time on Market 30+ years 3+ 3+


  • 4 supply of Rogaine with 5% minoxidil foam hair growth treatment to help treat thinning hair and, hair loss and regrow fuller hair
  • Rogaine hair growth treatment contains 5% minoxidil and is proven to help regrow up to 25% more hair and helps to increase hair follicle activity and hair protein creation.
  • From the number one dermatologist-recommended brand, Rogaine anti-hair loss foam is great for use at the first signs of hair thinning and includes Tricho-Prime Technology that works on contact to promote a healthy hair regrowth environment.


Keeps vs Rogaine vs hims History

The first thing to keep in mind here is these are all brands, not the actual hair growth products. Rogaine made its mark as the original brand to promote Minoxidil way back in the 1980s. Since then Rogaine has become synonymous with hair loss and hair growth. This is because minoxidil is only one of two FDA approved products clinically proved to grow hair. The challenge with minoxidil is that you need to keep using it to keep your new hair. This means it becomes a monthly purchase for many people which is what Hims and Keeps are banking on. This is where Keeps vs Rogaine vs hims becomes more of a brand then product discussion.

Keeps vs Rogaine vs Hims Products

As with most drugs the minoxidil patent eventually expired and generic formulas were allowed. This created the opportunity for other brands to market minoxidil. Keeps and Hims are two of the newest entrants looking to market generic minoxidil. Since minoxidil becomes a monthly purchase Keeps and Hims developed subscription services to automatically ship customers a monthly supply of minoxidil. Keeps and Hims have also ventured out into other hair and male health related products that can also be ordered on a monthly basis. In regards to minoxidil the reoccurring sales model is one of the main differences between Keeps vs Rogaine vs hims.

Keeps vs Rogaine vs Hims Minoxidil

Since the main item we are looking at is minoxidil its worth knowing about about history of minoxidil before applying a few drops to your head. Minoxidil was initially developed in the 1960s for hypertension. Eventually doctors realized that besides treating hypertension minoxidil also helped hair grow where it was to the skin. This discovery pushed minoxidil from just a treatment for hypertension to an FDA approving medication for male baldness. Then in 1988 minoxidil became commercially available as Rogaine. Since that time there have been numerous studies proving the effectiveness of minoxidil.

Minoxidil Studies

Over the past thirty plus years multiple studies have examined the effectiveness of minoxidil. Time and time again minoxidil was proven to increase hair growth. As with most products results will vary by person. Below are a few interesting studies to review.

minoxidil subject of many studies
Rogaine has been the subject of many studies
  • 1987 Study of 72 participants using two and three percent minoxidil treatment to increase hair growth. 70% of the participants that continued using minoxidil for 30 months saw a 50% increase in hair growth compared to when the study started.
  • 2002 Study to review the effect of 5% topical minoxidil compared to 2% percent topical minoxidil. At the end of 48 weeks study participants using the 5% minoxidil formula realized a 45% increase in hair growth and saw results faster than participants using the 2% formula.
  • 2004 Study to review the effect of 5% topical minoxidil compared to 2% topical minoxidil on 381 study participants. At the end of the 48 week study researchers concluded that 5% minoxidil formula could increase hair growth.







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