Hair La Vie vs Nutrafol

A comparison of Hair La Vie vs Nutrafol

Hair La Vie vs nutrafol
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The desire to incorporate natural ingredients in every aspect of our life and product we use is clearly evident in the comparison of Hair La Vie vs Nutrafol. Each of these products is backed by teams looking to build a natural product from the ground up. The Nutrafol team is trying to create a product from plant based ingredients called nutraceuticals. The Hair La Vie team is dedicated to helping women look and feel their best no matter what and using natural ingredients. These products have similar goals so lets see which one might work for you in the Hair La Vie vs Nutrafol challenge.

                       Nutrafol Hair La Vie
What Is It Plant extracts and minerals Vitamins and minerals
Key Ingredient(s) Ashwagandha, Tocotrienol Complex, Marine Collagen, Curcumin Kelp, Borage flower, Saw palmetto, Bamboo stem, Collagen, Horsetail
Number of Clinical Studies 4 0
Time on Market 6+ years 6+ years
Time for Results 3-6 Months 3-6 Months

Hair La Vie Hair Care

Hair La Vie means "hair is life". This motto is evident when reviewing the Hair La Vie site. Most of the site is dedicated to articles helping women look and feel better. There article range from beauty, pop culture, recipes and science. Since we are primarily interested in clinically proven hair growth I decided to explore the science section

Hair La Vie uses Nutrition to help you grow longer, thicker, fuller hair.
Boosts hair follicle strength and keratin protein production and maintains healthy scalp and sebum levels.
Natural Ingredients Help Boost Immune Health - These all natural hair growth capsules are made with natural ingredients to boost
immunity and promote full-body nutrition

Hair La Vie Vs Science

Hair La Vie promotes the primary ingredients in their product including:

  • Kelp
  • Borage flower
  • saw palmetto
  • Bamboo stem
  • Collagen
  • Horsetail
There are varying amounts of evidence supporting the role of each ingredient to hair growth. Saw palmetto we have seen in several other products and it does have clinical evidence supporting its role in hair growth. One theme we did note is that Hair La Vie incorporates ingredients high in silica which supports hair health. Overall Hair La Vie uses ingredients that seem to have a basis in science but whats missing are clinical studies on the actual Hair La Vie products.

silica in Hair La Vie vs nutrafol

Hair La Vie provides many examples of positive customer reviews but the do not have (at least that we could find) links to actual research. Before committing to the several months that it usually takes to see the results of a new hair care routine its nice to see a few doctors and scientists endorsing it. In addition brands should have independent studies backing up their claims. Lets turn our attention to Nutrafol now see how they measure up in the Hair La Vie vs Nutrafol challenge.

Nutrafol Hair Care

Nutrafol describes themselves as a wellness company. Their motto is 'keep growing'. What separates them from Hair La Vie is their focus on science and data. According to their website from day one they wanted to create a product that was something more then just a prescription or another vitamin. Above all they wanted their product to be clinically proven. This is an important point when comparing Hair La Vie vs Nutrafol.

  • A few capsules a day of Nutrafol can help promotes stronger hair growth and less shedding using various medical-grade, natural ingredients.
  • Increases hair growth by targeting the several basic causes of thinning, such as stress and nutrition, from inside.
  • Created for people experiencing hair thinning due to stress, dieting, overstyling, and environmental toxic conditions

Nutrafol Vs Science

Nutrafol created their product with ingredients they call nutraceuticals which means they come from plants. To prove the effectiveness of nutraceuticals Nutrafol highlights a six month clinical study. The results of the study were:

Hair La Vie vs nutrafol

Hair La Vie Vs Nutrafol

While Hair La Vie touts many happy customers, promotes a positive self image, and even uses ingredients that support hair health they are missing clinical trials of their product. Nutrafol promotes many of the same positive vibes and proven ingredients however they also have a clinical study of their product. As always remember to check with your doctor before starting new vitamins or supplements such as Nutrafol or Hair La Vie.

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