Nioxin vs Rogaine

Compare Nioxin vs Rogaine for hair growth

nioxin vs rogaine for hair growth

Nioxin Vs Rogaine Feature Comparison

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Managing stress is something we all learn over time. In the process we also have to deal with the side effects of stress such as hair loss and thinning hair. Nioxin and Rogaine are two popular products many people turn to for thicker hair and to regrow hair. This leads to several questions, can Nioxin and Rogaine be used at the same time and which is better Nioxin vs Rogaine? Nioxin promotes their natural hair growth systems while Rogaine uses FDA approved minoxidil, so we could also say this is a match up of Nioxin vs minoxidil. Lets see which is right for you.

                       Rogaine Nioxin
What is it Over the Counter Drug Hair growth system
What it Does Its believed the active ingredient minoxidil increases blood flow in the scalp which aids your hair’s natural growth cycle. Supports and promotes existing hair growth with a blend of proprietary vitamins and minerals.
What its for Androgenetic alopecia Thinning hair
Clinical Studies 5+ 0
Time on Market 30+ years 25+ years
Investment $$ $$


  • Nioxin System 2 helps create thicker fuller hair and protects existing hair from environmental damage
  • Behind the Chair Stylist Choice Winner: Favorite Thinning Haircare, 16 consecutive years
  • Improves your hairs resilience to damage and breakage while giving hair control moisture balance



What is Nioxin

Nioxin is the brand name for a family of hair care products that includes shampoo, conditioner, leave ins,  supplements, and salon treatments. Their site promotes the idea of connecting hair care to skin care to nourish derma (your scalp), and manage hair density and diameter. This is called the Nioxin 3D system (derma, density, diameter). The Nioxin philosophy is evident in their popular Nioxin Systems. Its only logical that you need a healthy scalp to have healthy hair. This is an important differentiator when comparing Nioxin vs Rogain.

Nioxin System 2 is designed for thinning in uncolored hair. Nioxin System 2 is comprised of  shampoo, conditioner, and a scalp treatment. The end goal is for a healthy scalp, and thicker, fuller hair. To achieve this they use some of the usual suspects in their ingredients:

Nioxin Ingredients

  • Peppermint Oil: 2014 study demonstrated that peppermint oil can help regrow hair on mice. This is believed to be due to increased circulation.

  • Nettle Leaf: Extract contains anti-inflammatory properties that can promote circulation. This could increase circulation on the scalp.

  • Saw Palmetto: A few studies have shown the potential for saw palmetto to help increase hair growth.

Nioxin Results

Based on their results Nioxin is successful at helping thinning hair. Looking through their site and other sources shows thousands of satisfied customers. However its important to note that while Nioxin has a few doctors endorsing their products there are not any clinical studies on Nioxin. This is another important point when comparing Nioxin vs Rogaine. Lets see if Rogain is a worthy challenger to the Nioxin hair care system.


  • Rogaine Minoxidil foam hair growth treatment to help treat thinning hair in women, hair loss and regrow fuller hair for women
  • Designed just for women, Rogaine Minoxidil is clinically proven to help regrow your hair and increases hair follicle activity which aids in hair protein creation.
  • From the top dermatologist recommended brand, Rogaine anti-hair loss foam is great for use when you first see signs of hair thinning and includes Tricho-Prime Technology that helps promote a healthy hair regrowth environment.


What is Rogaine

Rogaine is the brand name for minoxidil. Rogaine is an over-the-counter drug developed in the 1960s for hypertension. Over time doctors noticed that along with treating hypertension minoxidil also promoted hair growth when applied to the skin. This discovery moved minoxidil from just treating hypertension to an FDA approved medication for male baldness. Then in 1988 minoxidil became commercially available as Rogaine.

Female hair loss and thinning has been successfully managed with Rogaine for nearly 3 decades! During this time several clinical trials have verified the positive effect of Rogaine on thinning hair in women. One of these studies conducted in 2004 verified that test subjects reported positive effects of Rogaine with 5% topical minoxidil and Rogaine with 2% topical minoxidil vs a placebo as a treatment for female hair loss. Researchers concluded that 5% topical minoxidil was superior to the placebo. Check out the full study at

nioxin vs rogaine minoxidil helps hair growth

Minoxidil is proven to help grow hair.

Rogaine Ingredients

The active ingredient in Rogaine is minoxidil. When comparing Nioxin vs Rogaine and other options its important to remember that minoxidil is only one of two FDA approved treatments for hair loss. Along with minoxidil Rogaine also contains plant extracts and conditioners to help clean your scalp.

Nioxin vs Rogaine Reviews

Since both Rogaine and Nioxin have thousands of satisfied customers it’s usually a good idea to see and hear a few firsthand accounts. Listening to other people’s firsthand accounts remind us that hair loss is way more common than you might have believed. Remember almost half of all people will experience issues with hair loss or thinning. Listening to the stories of people that overcame hair loss might spark an idea or help you find just the right product. Below are a two interviews that could help you decide between Nioxin vs Rogaine.



Nioxin vs Rogaine Summary

Comparing Nioxin vs Rogaine depends on your circumstances as they are geared towards different audiences. Rogaine is proven to help regrow hair. Nioxin does not claim to regrow hair, rather it amplifies and sustains the hair you already have. The Nioxin website is upfront and about this as it focuses more on thinning then on balding. Its also to consider which brand provides clinical studies proving it works. Bottom line is that if you have thin hair Nioxin might be your best bet, but if your thin hair is turning into bald spots Rogaine might be your best bet. Either way remember to consult your doctor before starting any new medication or supplement such as Rogaine or Nioxin.





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