Rogaine Vs Keranique

Compare Rogaine and Keranique for the best hair growth treatment

rogaine vs keranique hair growth treatments

Rogaine Vs Keranique Feature Comparison

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Realizing your hair is thinning feels like someone took away one of your personal rights. Don’t we all have the right to a full head of hair? Even though genetics might be conspiring against your youthful head of hair there are now products proven to help most people keep and even regrow hair. Rogaine and Keranique are two popular choices. Each product uses some of the same ingredients but with a different approach. You can also think of Rogaine vs Keranique as a FDA approved Drug vs Hair care system. Lets take a few minutes to see which product is right for you in the Rogaine vs Keranique comparison.

                       Rogaine Keranique
What is it Brand name for minoxidil Hair regrowth treatment
What it Does Doctors believe the topical application of Rogaines active ingredient minoxidil reactivates your hair’s natural growth cycle by increasing blood flow. A treatment that uses various products along with minoxidil to regrow hair
What its for Hair loss Hair loss
Application Topical Topical
Treatment Duration Needs to be used indefinitely for continued results Needs to be used indefinitely for continued results
Time for Results 3-6 Months 3-6 Months



Rogaine Vs Keranique Ingredients

At first glance Rogaine vs Keranique may seem to be a comparison of very different products. Rogaine is synonymous with re-growing hair as its the original brand name for minoxidil. Keranique in contrast shows various bottles and formulas on their site. However if you keep digging into Keranique you will discover they also use minoxidil for hair growth. So while Keranique likes to combine hair growth with their scalp cleansing formulas when it comes down to active FDA approved ingredients for growing hair Rogaine and Keranique both use minoxidil.

However what is different is the amount of minoxidil each brand uses. As of this writing Keranique Hair Regrowth Treatment was available with two percent minoxidil. Rogaine is available in a two percent and five percent concentration. This is important since some research shows that hair growth is more pronounced with the five percent concentration. A 2004 Study examined the outcome of a 5% topical minoxidil treatment compared to a 2% topical minoxidil on 381 study participants. After 48 weeks the researchers concluded the 5% minoxidil formula was effective at promoting increased hair growth.

rogaine vs keranique minoxidil Minoxidil can fight hair loss!

Now you might be thinking “what about the Keranique shampoos and conditioners?” While Keranique does offer various other products which may help, minoxidil is the ingredient that’s proved to to regrow hair. Speaking of proven to regrow hair lets look at how its proven, the clinical studies.

Rogaine Vs Keranique studies

The funny thing about comparing Rogaine vs Keranique is that since they both use minoxidil they are both citing the same studies on hair growth. Whats interesting is that since Rogaine was the original promotor of minoxidil they were behind some of the original studies which they actively promote. Below are some of the many studies that have proven the positive results most Rogaine usrs experience:

  • 1987: 70% of participants that used minoxidil for 30 months had 50% more hair then at the start of the study.

  • 2002: After 48 weeks study participants using the 5% minoxidil formula had a 45% increase in hair growth and reported results sooner than participants using the 2% minoxidil.

  • 2017: Researchers determined that a dose of minoxidil each day reduced hair shedding.

While Rogaine points to several definitive studies on minoxidil Keranique mentions says they are clinically proven. Taking a look on the site doesn’t lead to any scientific studies. However a bit of googling turns up an old PR article where Keranique highlights results of 30 subjects using the product for 120 days. Its hard to say if this is a true clinical study but there are several doctors listed on their site endorsing Keranique.

Rogaine Vs Keranique Ease of Use

No matter how effective a product is, it’s only worthwhile if people actually use it. Rogaine is available in a foam or liquid dropper. Keranique uses a sprayer to work the minoxidil into your scalp. Either way you need to set time aside to apply minoxidil to your scalp one or two times a day. Since Keranique comes as a kit you will also have shampoo and conditioner on hand, which does eliminate one more item from your shopping list. Ease of use for Rogaine vs Kerainque is a tie, since they both require time to apply minoxidil.

History of Rogaine Vs Keranique

The history Rogaine Vs Keranique brands is a study in contrasts. Keranique products were first presented in December 2011 after being created at ACMG laboratories specifically as hair care products. The creators designed Keranique products to support hair health in conjunction with female biochemistry. Keranique now offers a full line of products including shampoo, conditioner, and serums. Rogaine on the other hand was created to focus on Minoxidil in the 1980s. Since that time Rogaine has become the go to product and tagline for hair loss.

rogaine vs keranique next steps Take action now to fight hair loss!

Rogaine Vs Keranique Summary

Comparing Rogaine vs Keranique revealed more similarities than expected. Both use the FDA approved and proven minoxidil. Rogaine has a slight advantage with an available five and two percent minoxidil options. Whichever product you choose remember the important fact is that you make a choice. You took the right first step of researching how to beat hair loss. Now take the next step and consult your doctor for the product that meets your needs. Remember that the sooner you fight back against hair loss the greater your chances of success.







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