Which Works Better Viviscal or Nutrafol?

Which Works Better Viviscal or Nutrafol

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Fighting through hair loss is a painful process. Figuring out which product to help win the fight can be an equally painful process. For many people two of the contenders are Viviscal and Nutrafol. This raises the question, which works better Viviscal or Nutrafol.

Comparing Viviscal vs Nutrafol is challenging as they both have a solid track record and are backed by several clinical studies. In addition not everyone has the same reaction to the same medication. So the question should be, which is more likely to work better, Viviscal or Nutrafol? To answer this lets dive into the clinical studies of each product.

Viviscal Clinicial Research

Viviscal highlights three clinical studies on their site, from 2012 through 2014. They obviously not updated their site recently as the 2014 study states that results were to be released in 2016. The 2013 study concluded "18.3% reduction in hair shedding vs. placebo and 7.4% increase in hair thickness vs. placebo". The 2012 Studies concluded "125% increase in terminal hairs vs. placebo group and significant, self-perceived improvements in overall hair volume, thickness and scalp coverage". None of the studies are linked to so it difficult to dig into the results.

In addition to the studies they highlight the following stats:

  • 18.3% reduction in shedding after 3 months
  • 46% reduction in hair loss after 10 weeks
  • 75.3% of patients observed decrease in hair loss
  • 111% increase in terminal hairs after 3 months

All of these stats are attributed to various doctors but not linked to the studies or cases.

Nutrafol Clinical Research

Nutrafol highlights five clinical articles on their site but only one is a clinical study focusing on Nutrafol. Based on that study the highlight the following numbers:

  • 80% of patients saw improved hair growth
  • 80% of patients saw improved hair thickness
  • 73% saw improved hair growth rate

What stands out between the two sites is the study dates. While Viviscal has many studies most are nearly a decade old. In comparison the main Nutrafol study is only two years old.

Which Works Better Viviscal or Nutrafol?

Deciding which works better Viviscal or Nutrafol for most people is challenging at best. These products use different approaches, ingredients and philosophy to tackle hair loss. Plus Viviscal has track record more then double that of Nutrafol. However Nutrafol is focusing on plant extracts which have shown to be more beneficial in many aspects then animal byproducts (Viviscal uses ground up sea creatures). Until a double blind clinical trial compares the two products head to head its too close to call. For now consider the evidence above and discuss it with your doctor.

For a closer look at Nutrafol and Viviscal read our Viviscal vs Nutrafol comparison.



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