What is the Best MultiVitamin

What is the Best MultiVitamin

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Staying healthy or learning how to get healthy is on the minds of many people. The fast pace of modern life makes eating healthy a challenge. To cope with this and ensure we get adequate nutrition there are countless vitamins and supplements claiming to help countless problems. However are they worth the money? If so what is the best multivitamin? Lets take a look at what science says.

In 2018 US businesses earned over 30 billion dollars selling vitamins and supplements. However in spite of this many experts like to point out that there is little evidence supporting many of these products. Lets first look at the Physicians Health Study.

The Physicians Multivitamin

The Physicians' Health Study II was a large scale randomized clinical trial to evaluate a multivitamins similar to what most patients take. These contained the daily requirements of 31 vitamins and minerals crucial for good health. A multivitamin or a placebo pill was given to a large group of male physicians for over a decade. At the end of the study there were slight reductions in cancer and cataracts, but no protective effect against cardiovascular disease or mental function. Since the reduction in cancer was only about a 1% difference this is often not considered impactful enough for many doctors to recommend multivitamins. While the Physicians Study ended with a possible upside to multivitamins others have slammed the door on them.

In a 2013 study by researchers at Johns Hopkins researchers concluded that Americans need to stop wasting money on vitamins and supplements. This was their conclusion after reviewing the results of multivitamin studies on over 400,000 seniors. The researchers concluded that there was no clear indication of a positive effect from supplements on mortality, cardiovascular disease, or cancer. These results seem close the case on multivitamins considering this is from a well respected medical institution. However lets refer back to one of the concluding points of the Physicians study.

“The formulations of the multivitamin preparation used in our trial and other multivitamin preparations have changed over time, reflecting evolving perspectives and priorities in nutrition.”

How to Find the Best Multivitamin

Since medical and nutritional knowledge advances every year so does the ingredients in multivitamins. The pill your father took is likely not the same your what you are buying today. Since neither study found negative effects of multivitamins many people still think its worth the money to take a multivitamin. Take the time to look at the pills ingredients and read what each one does. Blindly taking a pill will likly not provide the results you are lookig for.

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If you are looking for a new multivitamin why not try the one from the Physicians study.

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