Can a Scalp Massage for Hair Growth Work?

The best scalp massage for hair growth

do scalp massages for hair growth work

Maintaining and growing a full head of hair has been the quest of doctors for thousands of years. In 4,000 B.C. The Egyptians used to grind up dates, dog paws and donkey hooves to rub on their heads. The Romans used to rub myrrh on their head. Today everything from aloe to vinegar is supposed to help grow hair. While there maybe scant evidence any of these ideas work there is a surprising way to increase hair growth at home naturally, with a scalp massage.

History of Scalp Massages for Hair Growth

Scalp massages for hair growth have a history almost as old as hair growth legends themselves. In Indian culture head massages are a traditional practice called champissage. This is believed to help with everything from relaxation to improved concentration. While that is largely based on traditional beliefs champissage or scalp massages accomplish the same thing as traditional massage, increased blood flow. So what benefits have been scientifically documented from increased blood flow resulting from a scalp massage? Lets take a look.

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Scalp Massage for Hair Growth Research

There are actually several studies on scalp massages for hair growth that indicate it could contribute to increased hair growth. While still on the fringes of medical science the evidence is slowly mounting that a daily scalp massage for hair growth could be worth your time.

  • 2012 Study by Doctor H. Choy theorized that a change in scalp thickness and softness could be responsible for hair loss in men and women. He believes the scalp eventually becomes hard, thick, and swollen which retards the hair growth cycle. This he said might be cured through a daily scalp massage for hair growth. After studying 100 people receiving a daily scalp massage he concluded that the massage was able to regrow hair.

  • 2016 Study was conducted to evaluate the effect of scalp massage on healthy men. This was a twenty four week study during which time the subjects received a scalp massage from a massaging device. So what were the results? The subjects had thicker hair at the conclusion of the study, but new hair growth was not as notable. However this study used a much shorter massage time (four minutes per day) as compared to the 2012 H. Choy study ( forty minutes per day).

  • 2019 Study on the results of scalp massages on hair growth also showed positive results. Of the participants that completed the study nearly seventy percent reported hair loss stabilization or growth. The interesting part of this study is the researchers attempted to determine the amount of scalp massage time required to see improved hair growth. Positive results were noticed by most subjects after a combined thirty six hours of scalp massage.

How Scalp Massages for Hair Growth Work

Based on the research, a scalp massage for hair growth appears to have positive results. The results vary based on actual massage time and personal physiology. The researchers are not entirely clear what about the massage is responsible for hair growth, other then increase blood flow. The 2016 study looked at changes on the cellular level while the 2019 and 2012 studies mentioned blood flow. Ironically increased blood flow is also cited as the reason why Rogaine works.

The bottom line is that if you are want to stimulate hair growth a scalp massage for hair growth could be worth a try.



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