Is Nutrafol Worth the Money?

Are the benefits of Nutrafol worth the money

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Deciding whats worth spending money on is something we all struggle with. However its even more of a challenge when considering hair loss products such as Nutrafol. Is Nutrafol worth the money? Lets take a closer look at Nutrafol the hair loss product and the company.

Nutrafol the Company

Nutrafol describes itself as a hair wellness company. After reading through a few pages of their site a few themes start to stand out: plant based, clinical proof, whole body health, and natural ingredients. Nutrafol strives and seems to be succeeding at producing a quality product with natural ingredients. While the word 'natural' is often tossed around in marketing lingo Nutrafol is backing up their natural products with solid science and clinical proof

Nutrafol Reviews

Along with scientific proof Nutrafol has racked up thousands of satisfied customers. On their own site there are several in-depth customer interviews of how Nutrafol changed their life. You can also click over to retail sites to see thousands of positive reviews. To have this many happy customers a company must be doing something right.

Are Nutrafol Ingredients Worth the Money

When deciding to purchase a product I often try to figure out if I can make it myself. Nutrafol lists its ingredients but not the exact amount of each in each dosage. So while I could go out and purchase them (Ashwagandha, Tocotrienol Complex, Marine Collagen, Curcumin) its not easy to get the dosage right. Plus you would need to make sure each extract is purchased from a reputable dealer. Since supplements are loosely regulated its easy for poor quality products to make their way into your home.

Are Nutrafol ingredients worth the money?

  • Ashwagandha: The root powder of ashwagandha is popular in traditional Indian medicine. Unfortunately there is inconclusive evidence that ashwagandha is beneficial for any medical issues. However ashwagandha could have adverse effects if taken along with prescription drugs.
  • Tocotrienols: Theses are part of the vitamin E family and are also naturally occur, palm oil, rice bran oil, wheat germ, barley, saw palmetto, annatto, and certain other types of seeds, nuts and grains, and the oils derived from them. There is some research to indicate Tocotrienols can help reduce inflammation.
  • Marine Collagen was established to help hair growth by multiple studies as its key to the active ingredient in Viviscal. You can review their clinicial trials booklet for more information.

Are Nutrafol Results Worth the Money

Based on the many happy customers and hundreds of before and afer photographs Nutrafol has positive results for many people. While results can vary per person Nutrafol has formulated a product that tends to work for most people. Paying for a product that you know has a high likely hood of working is often worth the money.

                       Nutrafol Viviscal Rogaine
Key Ingredient(s) Ashwagandha, Tocotrienol Complex, Marine Collagen, Curcumin AminoMar┬« marine complex                                Minoxidil
Application Method Oral Oral Topical

Alignment with Nutrafol Philosophy

The last thing to consider is if your personal beliefs align with Nutrafol. While other products such as Rogaine and Viviscal make and can back up many of the same claims as Nutrafol (happy customers, clinical proof, and science backed ingredients) they each use a different method to tackle hair loss. So is nutrafol worth comes down to 1- what you can afford and 2- how important are natural products to you? for a closer look at Nutrafol and Viviscal read our Viviscal vs Nutrafol comparison.

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