What are the Side Effects of Nutrafol

A close look at Nutrafol and side effects

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When considering any new supplement or vitamin its its important to consider the benefits and unintended side effects. This is just as true with seemingly natural supplements as it is with man made pharmaceuticals. One such product is Nutrafol. While based on natural products many people still ask what are the side effects of Nutrafol? Lets take a few minutes to examine this question.

Nutrafol Side Effects

On the Nutrafol FAQ page the company states that no negative side effects were reported during their clinical study. They actually attempt to turn the question around and state that there are only good side effects. However other sites report mild nausea in rare cases, so taking it with food might be a good idea.

Positive Side Effects

Getting back to the positive side effects comment. Several other sites also mention Nutrafol helping with skin and sleep in addition to hair. While Nutrafol seems to be a fairly safe product its always best to consult your doctor before starting any supplement.

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