Bosley Shampoo vs Nioxin

Compare Bosley Shampoo vs Nioxin for hair growth

boxley shampoo vs nioxin

Bosley Shampoo vs Nioxin

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Looking at Bosley vs Rogaine is challenging at best. While both companies strive to increase hair growth, they tackle the problem from a different angle, and unique business strategies. Bosley became famouse with hair transplants and laser therapy. Rogaine is the original brand name of Minoxidil, which is just one of two FDA approved products for growing hair. Considering those differing approches to treating hair loss which is better, Bosley vs Rogaine?

                       Bosley Shampoo Rogaine
What Is It Hair transplant and growth systme Hair growth system
What it Does Moves hair follicles to new location on scalp and creates a healthy environment for thicker, fuller-looking hair Increases blood flow on the scalp
Clinical Studies 0 (at lest none that we could find) 5+
Age of Company 40+ years 25+ years
Investment $$ $


Bosley vs Rogaine History

Bosley was started by Dr Lee Bosley in 1974. Dr Bosley pushed the boundaries of hair transplant therapy which is what Bosley is still mostly known for. They have over 60 offices in North America, with their headquarters in Beverly Hills, California. Bosley has also moved into non-surgical hair loss therapy including the FDA approved Laser Comb Elite, scalp micopigmentation, and topical hair loss treatments. Considering that Bosley has traditionally focused on surgical hair loss therapy how does Bosley vs Rogaine compare when taking into account what Rogaine focuses on?

A gentle shampoo for colored hair. It will promote a clean healthy environment on your scalp for hair growth.



Bosley vs Rogaine Ingredients

Rogaine primarily promotes Minoxidil for hair growth. Since Minoxidil is only one of two FDA approved products to increase hair growth it seems like they have a solid argument. Rogaine has the backing of an official government agency, which is more than most hair treatment companies can claim.

When it comes to Bosley you can choose between their transplant therapy or other products. Bosley Shampoo includes several of the usual ingredients to clean your scalp and remove oil. Besides cleaning products Bosley Shampoo also contains LifeXtend Complex with saw palmetto. They say this hydrates, nourishes, and builds up your hair to make it thicker and fuller. In addition LifeXtend, they also suggest ColorKeeper to retain your hair color. But back to LifeXtend and saw palmetto, are there scientific studies supporting these claims?
  • Nioxin System 2 helps induce thicker and fuller hair along with protecting your existing hair from every day damage
  • Behind the Chair Stylist Choice Winner: Favorite Thinning Haircare, awarded for 16 straight years
  • Improves your hairs resilience to damage and breakage at the same time giving hair control, moisture, plus balance



Bosley Shampoo and Saw Palmetto

In 2012 scientists from the University of Rome wanted to determine if saw palmetto could inhibit the 5-alpha reductase enzyme. Subjects received 320mg of saw palmetto each day for 24 months. At the end of the study 38% of subjects that received saw palmetto reported an increase in hair growth. A second study in 2002 documented that 60% of the subjects experienced an increase in hair growth once they took saw palmetto. Considering these reports theres reason to consider that saw palmetto could help some people control and maybe improve hair growth.

bosley shampoo vs nioxin saw palmetto Bosley shampoo contains saw palmetto

Rogaine Ingredients

While Bosley uses saw palmetto, Rogaine hangs its hat on a Minoxidil. They also have many studies backing up their climss of increased circulation. Rogaine appears to back up their commitment to hair growth with a combination of products with a history of sciencetificly backed hair growth.

Bosley vs Rogaine Summary

Reviewing Bosley Shampoo vs Rogaine revels two companies with similar goals but very different product strategies. Both have proven track records helping patients overcome hair loss. Bosley mostly accomplishes this through hair transplants and they are now branching into a bit more natural products. Rogaine was founded on Minoxidil. So while both can help regrow hair this is mostly a decision on which company aligns with your personal feelings. Consider the cited studies above and make the decision that is right for you. As always please consult with your doctor before starting a new medication or health care product.







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