Best Hair Regrowth Products for Women

A review of the top selling hair growth products for women

what products help women regrow hair

Deciding which of the bestselling hair regrowth products for women to buy can be a daunting task. To help make this easier we’ll examine each product and see if its worth your money. The products below were on Amazons best sellers list for “Hair Regrowth Treatments” in February 2020. Lets see which ones could actually help grow hair and which ones to skip.

    Its nice to see the number one best seller for hair growth in women is an FDA approved product. Minoxidil is FDA approved and scientifically proven to help grow hair in women and men. Minoxidil (aka Rogaine) is usually the go to product for most hair loss experts. This is the foam version which is different the 4th place liquid version.

    Hair Growth Supplement with saw palmetto & Biotin. The active ingredient, saw palmetto is used to counter act the effect of Dihydrotestosterone, or DHT which can build up in hair follicles and cause thinning then death of the hair follicle. While there are studies backing up the effectiveness of saw palmetto for hair growth men should be careful with saw palmetto. Along with a role in baldness DHT also plays a role in muscle development.

    Coming in at number three is Viviscal Extra Strength for Women. We have studied and written about Viviscal extensively. Viviscal is considered a vitamin supplement for hair and has many committed fans. They also have several studies backing up their claims. You can review them on our Rogaine vs Viviscal article.

    Regular Rogaine topical treatment is different from the 1st place foam application. Some experts believe the regular liquid application (which this is) is better than the foam version. The liquid version of Rogaine penetrates hair and reaches your scalp better which is where its needed to promote hair growth.

    Pureauty Naturals site is a bit lite on information. They promise to use quality natural ingredients, but don’t provide evidence of what the key ingredients do. However the main ingredient in their hair growth serum, pea extract does have some studies behind it. A 2019 study found that topical application of pea sprout extract did help regrow hair.

    If you want a drug free hair growth product Nutrafol should definitely be on your short list. They use some of the familiar and proven hair growth supplements such as saw palmetto, marine collagen, along with maca root. They also have a solid list of studies to back up their claims. check out our article Viviscal vs Nutrafol.

    In the world of hair growth products Wild Growth Hair Oil is kind of unique. The packing looks like a glue bottle and their site is different to say the least. However they have TONS of testimonials. Their main ingredient, olive oil, actually does have research backing it up as a hair growth product.

    Natural Hair Growth Oil with Caffeine and Biotin is made by Essy Naturals. Based on their website Essy Naturals appears to be a typical health and beauty site. While they claim the products are backed by clinical trials they do not list links to the studies or clinical trials.

    New Nordic Hair Volume is made by New Nordic US Inc. Their site mentions what the various ingredients in their supplement will help with but they do not link to any studies.

    Rounding out the top ten is Womens Rogaine. This one is little different from the earlier versions as its only a two percent minoxidil mix. Most studies have shown five percent minoxidil to be more effective for hair regrowth but that varies by person. If five percent minoxidill is too strong on your scalp, two percent might be worth a try.

Now checkout the head to head comparison of Viviscal vs Nutrafol or Bosley Shampoo vs Nioxin

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